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Monday, July 26, 2010

Tool # 10

Today I looked at a couple of free apps called iTalk Recorder, ArtLite, and USA Factbook. iTalk Recorder allows you to record your voice and sync it with a computer. I could use it as an assessment tool, by having students type their name into the program and then record them singing. When listening to the singing later, I could write down their grades.

ArtLite has full color pictures of famous artwork from many different time periods and styles. I often discuss time periods in history when talking about music composers. Students could use the iPod Touches to look up artwork from the time when Beethoven was alive. Then we could discuss Classical style vs. Romantic style.

USA Factbook has a feature called USA music map which could combine Social Studies with music. I did not get to actually play with this one on the Ipod Touch but I am thinking that students could look up each state song and listen to it.

I was able to use the iPod Touches during a district training earlier this summer (see post called iPod Touch Training). It was a very fun training and I could definitely see how the iPod Touches could make students more excited about learning.

In the music classroom I could see iPod Touches being used mostly for recording purposes and playing music. Students could always use them to look up supplemental information about songs, composers, and places of origin for songs and instruments. I think that they will probably have to be used as a station in a center until I am able to have a full class set.

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